When selling your property, you are required to provide the purchaser with a Vendors’ Statement (also known as a Section 32 Statement).

Action Conveyancing will prepare the Vendors’ Statement on your behalf and attend to all of the steps throughout the process – from when you sign a Contract Of Sale, through to the final Settlement and notifying the authorities of the sale. If you are selling, a typical conveyancing transaction would generally follow these steps:

We prepare and review the Section 32 Vendor's Statement disclosure documents and a contract for you. This includes documents from government authorities, your local council, the roads authority and any other documents that might be required as we search your title prepared within ten (10) days.

As the property is ready for sale, we deal with enquiries from your potential purchasers and/or their representatives.

When the property is sold, we arrange a discharge of your mortgage, we prepare and/or settle the transfer document and State Revenue Office declaration/s with you.

In liaison with the purchaser's representative and you, we agree the adjusted purchase price shortly before settlement.

We attend settlement for you and, if you require, we will bank any proceeds for you.

Lastly, we notify all relevant authorities of your property disposition.

Please contact us at Action Conveyancing (or request a quote) to discover how we can assist with your property sale.