Once you sign a Contract Of Sale and the Vendor accepts your offer, you are (with a few exceptions) bound to the contract. At Action Conveyancing, we ensure that buyers are aware of all they need to know before purchasing a property.

We understand that buying a property is one of the most important decisions you make throughout life. With so many legalities to adhere to, the process of conveyancing can easily become overwhelming.  Action Conveyancing will enable you to do this with peace of mind. If you are purchasing a property, a typical conveyancing transaction would generally follow these steps:

Before signing anything, you should have us review the contract for sale and Section 32 Vendor's Statement. For your peace of mind, this is a complimentary service.

We can also negotiate any changes to the contract on your behalf.

Once you have bought, we shall prepare the transfer documents, Nomination declaration/s, Principal Place of Residence declaration/s and/or First Home Owner's declaration/s with you.

We liaise with your mortgagee in relation to the purchase.

We carry out necessary searches and enquiries and liaise further with your incoming mortgagee.

In liaison with the vendor's representative and you, we agree the adjusted purchase price shortly before settlement.

We attend settlement for you; and if required attend to stamping and lodgement of your documents.

Lastly, we notify all the relevant authorities of your property acquisition.

Please contact us at Action Conveyancing (or request a quote) to discover how we can assist with your property purchase.